Nov 062014

cafe yumm This local chain is located at 2755 Commercial Street SE, Suite 100 in Salem and is one of the newest veg-friendly restaurants in town. Their menu features veg    bowls as well as a very tasty tempeh reuben (have to order with no cheese to make it vegan), BBQ tofu, and more. They’re very accommodating of vegan requests and know to leave off the sour cream and cheese from the deluxe toppings…even asking if you want extra avocado or cabbage and ginger instead.  Top it off with a ginger cookie for dessert and it’s a tasty place to fill-up.  Definitely worth checking out!

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Nov 172014


Maybe someday Salem will have good enough vegan options that we won’t need to eat at big national chains, but for now this is one of our best options.  If you have never been, you can choose your burritos, bowls, or salad items at the location on Lancaster Drive in North Salem. If you get the vegan one (without cheese), guacamole is included for no extra charge. They also now have sofritas:  a delicious tofu “meat” option, making what would otherwise be just beans and rice (and maybe the fajita vegetables) a lot more exciting. Another nice feature they have is you can put together your order online, then just stop by and pick it up.

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Mar 232015

Los Dos Amigos is a local chain with restaurants in Salem, Independence, Albany, Eugene, Springfield and Sweet Home. They have several vegan friendly entrees, including soy fajitas and molcajete veggies on NE Lancaster. We haven’t been to the other locations outside of Salem, so we aren’t sure if the menu is the same at all of them. We were very impressed that the vegetarian fajita has Beyond Meat fake chicken, and not just a bunch of vegetables. The molcajete is something unique that we haven’t seen at other Mexican places and is very tasty. Order both with no cheese or sour cream to make vegan. I asked two different employees and both confirmed there is no lard in the beans. Has a nice atmosphere and good margaritas, too!

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Mar 222016

Taproot offers a bright and hopeful spot for Salemites who eat vegetarian/vegan or who just like healthy food. An extremely hip and attractive cafe setting that offers a variety of vegan bowls – not so much in the way of vegan sandwiches. There are a few vegan (or veganizable) tapas, too. They have a lot of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drink options (house-made, fruit-infused drinking vinegar- yum!!) We hope they add more vegan options in the future, but for now we are just happy that they have vegan items on the menu and a staff that can speak to what is/isn’t vegan on the menu.


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Jan 072015

Yes, another chain…and a Mexican restaurant (which we said we weren’t going to include because there are so many places you can get a veggie burrito). But we’ve got to give this one props for actually using the word VEGAN on their menu…of a national chain!  Awareness is the first step. But on to the food.

So, there’s a vegan burrito which you can get mondito (regular size) or mondo (huge!) or in a bowl with no tortilla. It comes automatically with guacamole and then you add rice, beans (black, pinto or refried), and veggie toppings. All in all, pretty standard, but you can grab a quick bit at the one off Mission St. or further north at Keizer Station.  And sometimes all you want is just a good, ‘ol reliable veggie burrito.

[Taco del Mar website || menu || directions]

Jan 082015

Ok, if you’re vegan and live near any kind of major city, you know that Trader Joe’s has everything you need to keep you alive. Thankfully we also now have one here in Salem out on South Commercial St.

Recommended items include prepared chicken-less salad (soo yummy!!), vegan soy and coconut coffee creamer, vegan soy and coconut ice creams, the best/cheapest tofu and tempeh, soyrizo, and much, much more. If you’re vegan and you just shop at one store for the rest of your life, make it Trader Joe’s and you’ll do alright.

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Nov 072014

Located downtown (325 Court St NE, Salem – cafe & basement bar) and in South Salem (2840 Commercial St SE, Salem — cafe & taphouse), Venti’s is probably in the top 3 places for vegans to eat in Salem. They have vegan pizza, nachos, falafel, Asian noodle bowls, tofu dishes and more. They are kind of an Asian-international-American fusion kind of thing with a lot of beer. The downtown location is a bit less formal, and also has a basement bar, while the larger taphouse is more of a traditional sit-down restaurant with a bigger menu and more vegan options. The taphouse has over 100 beers and ciders on tap. We could see some improvements like offering Daiya cheese on the pizza instead of just roasted veggies, but otherwise this place is pretty solid.

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