Dec 122014

While there are not a huge number of options for vegan dessert in Salem, there are a few worth noting…

  • Pure Decadence — Located in South Salem on Liberty St. in the Mail Depot building, they offer vegan baked goods in the case every day and can bake vegan cakes and cupcakes to order!
  • Frozation Nation — A frozen yogurt place downtown that always has at least one dairy-free option on tap (usually a fruit or sorbet) and vegan toppings.
  • Sweet Papaya Frozen Yogurt on NE Lancaster generally has 2 vegan (usually fruit sorbet) options for when you’re craving a ‘soft serve’ type dessert. They are attached to a Starbucks where you can now get coconut milk in addition to soy milk in your drink.
  • Ike Box — Many coffee shops in Salem offer soy/hemp/almond milk alternatives, but this downtown cafe takes it a step further. If you have a sweet tooth, they also carry vegan and gluten free cookies. The house made scones are all-vegan all the time! Currently, other snack options include vegan and gluten free oatmeal, veggies with hummus, or chips and salsa. They can also make your smoothie vegan with any non-dairy milk you’d like.
  • LifeSource Natural Foods — Located in South Salem on Commercial St., it often has vegan cookies, brownies, and other fresh baked goods in addition to the usual vegan ice cream, chocolates, and other things you would expect to find at an alternative grocery/health food store.
  • Ricky’s Bubbles and Sweets — Downtown Salem there is a cute little candy shop that has vegan items you can’t get anywhere else in Salem including Goldberg’s Peanut Chews and Missionary Chocolate Vegan Truffles. They also have other vegan stuff you can find most places (Swedish Fish, licorice, hard candies, etc.) and a huge selection of craft sodas.
  • Salem Wednesday and Saturday Markets — Unfortunately seasonal only (April – October), these local open air farmer’s markets have vendors like Two Sisters and others that make vegan food. Two Sisters, in particular, has vegan jelly and cinnamon rolls!