May 052017

Hello Cherry City Vegans! My name is Steffi DeRobertis. My husband, daughter, and I moved to Salem four years ago and Cherry City Vegans has been an invaluable resource for us. To return the favor I have signed up to help out on the website.  

Hopefully you already know about the Facebook Cherry City Vegans page and the Discussion Group. If not, check them out. They are both great resources for local vegan things whether it’s dining out, shopping, volunteer work, activism and more. The discussion group is  also a great spot for meeting other vegans in our community.

The plan from here forward on the website is to be proactive about posting about meals out, with pictures and menus. Also to share information about up coming events. If you would like to share info about an experience you have had around town let me know!

My big question for all of you is what information you would like to find here? Please let me know in the comments below how I can best help you.

I look forward to sharing all things vegan in Salem!


  One Response to “Revamping”

  1. I think a lot more focus should be on cruelty-free shopping for clothing, household products….instead of a lot on food. I think there is enough emphasis on vegan food everywhere at vegan websites (to the point where most non-vegans think to be a vegan all you have to do is just not eat animals).

    I think there should be more balance of the vegan life on your site and put more energy into looking for other vegan stuff instead of food the majority of the time. :)

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