Mar 312015

The Laughing Lunchbox is a food truck and they have a vegan sandwich every day! They love their vegan customers and their ideas/suggestions (as seen in the photo)! They have made extraordinary efforts to have legit vegan options and are open to feedback. This is so unique among Salem businesses and we appreciate it! They are a mobile food business, but can often be found at the f/Stop Fitzgerald’s Public House. Check their Facebook page for days where they may be at other locations.

[The Laughing Lunchbox website (Facebook) || menu & directions change daily]


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  1. Thanks so much for the feedback everyone. Once of our vegan dishes we will be unveiling soon is our vegan enchilada. Inspired by an NPR interview, it will be drenched with a creamy mole sauce, semi fried corn torillas, and stuffed with marinated artichokes and seasoned quinoa.

  2. Gluten free as well.

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