Mar 312015
Cherry City Vegans Meet-up
Mon. Mar. 30, 2015
5:30 – 6:30pm 
IKE Box, Salem
Katherine (KC)
Tara (KMUZ radio)
Philip (“Don’t Fear the Vegan” CCTV show)
We don’t have info on the upcoming Willamette University screening of Cowspiracy right now…waiting to hear when that might be
–if it’s after 4/11, we can promote at our table at Earth 411

We went over materials and sign up for the Salem Earth Day event on 4/11
–We now have a nice banner, handouts, food samples, etc.
-if you’d like to help us “staff” the table, please let us know!
–talking points (stats) will be sent out beforehand
–bring packaging of vegan food items for display
–we will provide all other materials
–donation jar

Restaurant outreach
–We talked about restaurant outreach–more restaurants are adding veg options thanks to outreach from our members!
–If you want to offer a write-up of a restaurant for our website, please do! Send it to us at and we’ll put it on our website.
–Please feel free to use the Cherry City Vegans name when talking to restaurant owners and asking for more options or doing other (positive) community outreach.  We also have business cards to share if you’d like to use one when talking to restaurants.
US Veg Week:  Apr. 20 – 26
–We don’t currently have anything planned, but if anyone wants to do something under the CCV name, let us know.
–There are no potlucks currently scheduled but perhaps we could have an outdoor event when the weather is consistently warm and dry enough.
Craig pointed out to us Evolution vegan pet food
There’s also a 5pm Sunday, 4/5, call with Will Tuttle of the World Peace Diet and there’s a call every Sunday 712-432-3900; the access code is 568364.
New Vegan Blog
–Our youngest attendee, Anzia (11) writes her own vegan blog:  Check it out!

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