Feb 022015

Just a reminder that there is no potluck this month as our normal second Saturday of the month coincides with Valentine’s Day.
Now that the website is done, we thought it would be a good time to get together with folks and brainstorm what they want this group to be!  What do vegans and vegetarians want to see as resources, events, or outings in the Willamette Valley? What changes would you like to see in Salem and other surrounding towns?  What should or shouldn’t the potluck be going forward?  We need to hear from YOU so we can make this a group we all really want to be a part of.

Join us later this month for a casual gathering to meet in person, exchange ideas, and help create our future.  We really hope to see you there! All are welcome!

Casual Veg-Friendly Gathering
Thurs. Feb. 26
6 – 7 pm
IKE Box – Big Idea Room (2nd floor)
299 Cottage St. NE, Salem

You can RSVP or invite others on our Facebook page here.

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