Jan 282015

Natural Grocers is the newest “natural”/organic food store in Salem. They are located on S. Commercial. Although their sign loudly proclaims them as the best place to get “natural” meat, they carry a lot of vegan stuff you can’t get anywhere else (like Beyond Meat, etc) in town. They have done vegan cooking demo events in the past. Lots of items in bulk for those looking to shop on the cheap, on up to the more expensive processed vegan foods and everything in between. Bring bags! They don’t provide free grocery bags.

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  1. Natural Grocers used to carry some good stuff. Some are discontinued now :( There are many products from Oregon such as Vtopian artisan cheeses (from Eugene), Nu cultured foods has a delicious garlic-herb cream cheese (from The Dalles).
    The only available at the store are the traditional Daiya. There are other ones with carrageenan! Others are made of tofu. I don’t want to rely on tofu or tofu-based foods for everything.
    I emailed the manager and she brought back some items… they dissapearing again! Finally, I found a Miyoko cheese. I must be the only one buying vegan products at the store!!!

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