Jan 092015

Dear Friends,

The Jan. 10 potluck can still be held if someone is willing to open up the door and arrange the tables/chairs.  If you’d be interested in doing that, please let me know at info@cherrycityvegans.com ASAP.  Otherwise, we will let you know if this Saturday’s potluck has been cancelled.

Looking ahead to next month, the second Saturday of the month (our normal gathering time) coincides with Valentine’s Day.  We’ve decided to cancel February’s get together as many folks will have other plans that night.

As for ongoing potlucks, after a lot of reflection on and consideration, Jenn has decided to step-down as the organizer of these potluck events which she has been doing for the last year and a half since taking the reins from Don.  But, that doesn’t mean the potlucks have to stop.  This group isn’t about one person or even a small group of people.  It’s about community!

Since last Fall when we made the potluck one of the aspects of the newly formed Cherry City Vegans (CCV) group, now might be a good time to step back and think about what we want this potluck to be.  Are monthly meals still the right frequency?  Do we want to meet at a neutral location like the Lifesource Community Room or go back to folks’ homes in the winter and a park in the summer? Do we want to get together in the summer at all due to everyone’s busy schedules?  Who and how will the potlucks be organized/hosted? How should they be communicated?

Right now, Cherry City Vegans is completing website development and we are going to begin restaurant outreach, and do whatever else we all want the group to be.  And CCV can certainly continue to promote and communicate events such as these through its e-newsletter.  But in the near term, if anyone has interest in stepping up to take the potluck helm beginning with the March event, we welcome your reply again at info@cherrycityvegans.com.  Jenn is happy to talk to anyone individually who would like to discuss how this might work going forward.

 We would love to talk to other people who have ideas of what CCV could be in the community, what events we can do, and how we can help promote a compassionate lifestyle in the Mid-Willamette Valley moving forward.

January Vegan Potluck — To be cancelled?

 DateSaturday, Jan. 10

Time6:00 p.m.
Location:  Lifesource Community Room

1 block South of Lifesource Natural Foods in the Candalaria Terrace Mall.  Enter between Salon Redd and State Farm Insurance.

This is an open community gathering of vegans, vegetarians, and the veg-curious.  We break bread around a shared table in the Lifesource Community Room and enjoy the fellowship of common values while being exposed to new ways of thinking and eating.  It’s a casual and inclusive group.  There’s no need to RSVP; just come if you can.  All are welcome!  You don’t have to be vegan…but your dish does.

Please bring a potluck-sized vegan dish (and its serving utensils) to share with the group, along with your own plate/bowl, utensils, and beverage. Please label your dish with your name, the name of the dish, and a list of its ingredients so those with allergies or dietary restrictions can know what’s in what…and we know who to ask for the great recipes!

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