Jan 072015

Pita Pit

Another chain, but there’s only one location in Salem and we’re glad to have it.  Located in downtown Salem at 524 State St. (near the corner with High St.), you can always count on Pita Pit for a quick, healthy lunch or dinner on-the-go. Our favorite is the spicy black bean on a whole wheat pita stuffed with as many veggies they can squish in there! Best of all, the staff is always friendly and knowledgeable about vegan options. When ordering a spicy black bean or hummus wrap, they always ask if I’m veggie and if I’d like them to change their gloves before making my food. They always comply with a smile :) Note:  as of this writing, according to the handy app VeganXpress, Pita Pit’s current vegan options are the spicy black bean, falafel, hummus, or garden (veggie), on a pita or in a salad.

[Pita Pit website || menu || directions]

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