Jan 072015

These are the two McMenamin’s pubs in Salem and they’re listed together because they both offer the same vegan options on their regular menus. Boon’s is in North Salem at 888 Liberty St. NE (where Liberty, Broadway & High St. all converge) and Thompson’s is out South at 3575 Liberty Rd. S. On the plus side, McMenamin’s has taken to noting which of their items are vegan on their menus.  On the down side, they’ve segregated them (at least online) on a dietary restrictions menu with the gluten free stuff and then annotated them with an X (like “beware!”).  Huh?  We vegans hate to be thought of as “restricted” as we know this way of eating is about abundance not doing without. I’m sure it’s just about efficiency for them, but words and perceptions matter, in our humble opinion.

Regardless, the vegan items you’ll find are the usual pub grub like fries, tots, sweet potato fries (w/o chipotle mayo).  They used to have a vegan burger but not only seem to have a veggie burger (not vegan).  Recently we were told the hemp burger is back and is vegan–you may want to confirm this with your server.  There’s also now a sandwich called The Bean & Seed which is a couple of vegan slider patties on a hoagie type bun with the usual fixin’s.  They also have many items labeled as vegetarian that can easily be made vegan by leaving out or subbing the cheese or dairy sauce/dressing (e.g. – greek salad, hummus & pita, veggie sandwich, etc.).

Boon’s also has live music many nights and both locations have nice outdoor seating at picnic tables which is a fun option in the warmer months.  Dogs are even allowed at Boon’s on the front porch (only).

[Boon’s Treasury website || menu || directions]

[Thompson’s Brewery & Public House website || menu || directions]

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