Nov 072014

Located downtown (325 Court St NE, Salem – cafe & basement bar) and in South Salem (2840 Commercial St SE, Salem — cafe & taphouse), Venti’s is probably in the top 3 places for vegans to eat in Salem. They have vegan pizza, nachos, falafel, Asian noodle bowls, tofu dishes and more. They are kind of an Asian-international-American fusion kind of thing with a lot of beer. The downtown location is a bit less formal, and also has a basement bar, while the larger taphouse is more of a traditional sit-down restaurant with a bigger menu and more vegan options. The taphouse has over 100 beers and ciders on tap. We could see some improvements like offering Daiya cheese on the pizza instead of just roasted veggies, but otherwise this place is pretty solid.

[Venti’s website || menu || directions ]

  2 Responses to “Venti’s Cafe & Basement Bar / Venti’s Cafe & Taphouse”

  1. I wouldn’t categorize Venti’s in the “Asian” section. They have a few vegan options with other ethnics cuisine. The Venti’s vegan nachos are delicious (with homemade vegan cheese) and so the vegan veggie flatbread pizza!

    • Venti’s has so many different things, so we put them in several categories. They have a lot of Asian-inspired dishes…

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