Nov 072014

oregon crepeOregon Crepe recently moved to 315 High St SE in the same plaza that Marco Polo is in. They are also at the Salem Saturday Market (runs April through October), I was impressed that they offer vegan crepes and label vegan and vegetarian items on their menu.

They have a house-made vegan sausage crepe that is really great and is made using Sorta Sausage, a local product. The vegan crepe is also gluten-free–which to me is a downside, as I’m not a fan of vegan and gluten free stuff getting lumped together as gluten-free flour is weird-tasting to a lot of people (including me). But whatever; I’m just happy they have it!

You can get sweet or savory crepes with the vegan crepe (pictured here is the sausage, artichoke, sundried tomato, spinach vegan crepe).

[Oregon Crepe Company website || menu || directions ]

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