Nov 062014

vegan potluck

Saturday, November 8th 6-8pm

LifeSource Natural Foods – Community Room  in Salem (1 block south of the store in Candalaria Terrace Mall between Salon Redd & State Farm Insurance)

Everyone is welcome to join in on this community potluck. You don’t have to be vegan…but your dish does!

Please bring a potluck-sized vegan dish (and its serving utensils) to share with the group, along with your own plate/bowl, utensils, and beverage. Get creative! This is your chance to try a new recipe…we’re forgiving, I promise!

Please label your dish with your name, the name of the dish, and a list of its ingredients so those with allergies or dietary restrictions can know what’s in what…and we know who to ask for the great recipes!


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